How to use the Lightbox DIY

Step 1: Device set up

Place the Lightbox on a level surface close to an electrical outlet. 

There are two power cords - one for the fan and one for the temperature controller. Plug each into the outlet. 

Make sure the temperature controller is working properly before proceeding.

Step 2: Preparing the masks for sanitation

It is necessary to place each individual mask into its own sealed paper bag to prevent cross contamination from any existing pathogens. Each bag and mask should be properly labeled with the user's name.

Attach the masks to the rack using a clip (as displayed in the video) to ensure proper heat circulation. Options include binder clips, clothes pins or paper clips.

Step 3: Run the sanitation cycle

Place the bagged masks inside the chamber attached to the rack. Secure the door using the locks.


Begin heating the chamber (about 5 minutes). Once the temperature controller reads 157 F (75 C), set a timer for 60 minutes.

Existing guidelines recommend 60 minutes at 75C. Exceeding time and temperature recommendations may cause damage to the masks.

Step 4: Unplug the device and distribute sanitized masks

Unplug the device, open the door and wait for a few minutes for the temperature to cool down.


Open with caution, making sure not to touch the hot lightbulbs, and remove masks for distribution.


Safely dispose of the paper bags used to stop cross contamination.