How to Build Your Lightbox DIY™

Reusable masks have become the norm and easy ways to sanitize PPE are needed.


There are many effective sanitizing solutions at a range of price points and requiring different levels of skill. Dry heat is a versatile, efficient and cost-effective way to sanitize different types of masks. 

Building your own Lightbox DIY™ does not require any hard-to-find parts, engineering know-how, or specialized tools. The Lightbox DIY™ cabinet can be built in about a day using common tools and simple components that cost around $200. 

Lightbox DIY™ was developed by the Philly Makers Meetup in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 


Drill bits of various sizes (1/4”, ½”,1”, 2”)
Phillips screwdriver bit for drill
Phillips screwdriver
Flat head screwdriver
Utility knife
Wire stripper

Wire Twists
Circular saw
Saw guide rail (you can use a straight piece of lumber and two clamps)
Sawhorses for holding board material
Sliding bar clamps (2)
2-foot steel or aluminum ruler
12-inch combination square
Hand saw
Pneumatic nail gun, 18 gauge
Orbital hand sander
Table saw

LightBoxOpen Color002.jpg
20201118_163854 (1).jpg