Sustainable solution to mask shortages anywhere


LightboxDIY™ is a community of socially responsible makers focused on creating innovative solutions to tackle the shortage of masks. Our project was spun out of a non-profit that focuses on technology education and innovation. Our aim is to take readily available, off-the-shelf parts to build a set of design specifications for a system that could meet the requirements and standards set forth by leading scientific and regulatory bodies for sanitizing reusable PPE.

Mask Display


  • We make no claims that systems using the designs or the components specified on this site reduce the levels of bacterial, viral, or other types of contamination. 

  • LightboxDIY™ is not responsible for injuries or illness resulting from the implementation of these designs or the resulting systems, including, but not limited to, physical injuries when implementing the designs or infection from contaminated items treated by such systems or derivative systems. 

  • Implement these designs and use the resulting systems at your own risk.